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ISO 16439:2014 pdf free

ISO 16439:2014 pdf free.Information and documentation – Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries
Libraries are generally able to provide at least basic data about the input into their services (funding,staff, collections, space, equipment) and the output of those services (loans, visits, downloads, reference transactions, etc.). Such statistics are collected more or less regularly. The definitions and collecting procedures are described in ISO 2789 (International library statistics).
In addition to quantitative counts, libraries have also developed measures for assessing the quality of their services and the cost-efficiency of library performance. Such quality indicators or performance indicators are described in ISO 11620 (Library performance indicators).
In recent years, there has been a growing demand for non-profit organisations to show proof of their value for individuals, for their parent organisations and for society. For libraries, such value has traditionally been accepted as self-evident. However, users are becoming increasingly independent in their information seeking practices, and information seems to be free on the web, so that the benefits gained from library services are questioned not only by funding institutions but also by the public.
Libraries have responded to this demand and have developed and tested methods for identifying and proving their benefits to users and society.
In the sense of this International Standard, impact is defined as the influence of libraries and their services on individuals and/or on society. “Outcome” in the sense of ISO 16439 is not synonymous with “impact”, but is defined as effect of the output related to the library’s planning. See the following terms and definitions which are concerned by this:
– input: contribution of resources in support of a library (e.g. funding, staff, collections, space, equipment) (3.28);
– process: set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs (e.g. cataloguing, lending, reference service) (3.50);
– output: products of library processes (e.g. titles catalogued, loans, downloads from the electronic collection, reference questions answered) (3.45);
– outcome: direct, pre-defined effect of the output related to goals and objectives of the library’s planning (e.g. number of users, user satisfaction levels) (3.44);
– impact: difference or change in an individual or group resulting from the contact with library services (3.25);
– value: importance that stakeholders (funding institutions, politicians, the public, users, staff) attach to libraries and which is related to the perception of actual or potential benefit (3.75).ISO 16439 pdf download.

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