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ISO 16236:2013 pdf free

ISO 16236:2013 pdf free.Crop protection equipment – Test method for the determination of drainable volume and its concentration
To ensure the same contamination as in normal practice, use and operate all functions needed during the spraying process as specified in the operator’s manual. Run the agitator(s) for at least 1 min. Open theoutlet valve, collect test liquid enough to ensure the ontamination of the outlet device and refill it again to the main tank. To contaminate the complete sprayer (hydraulic circuit and internal parts of the main tank), operate all valves as specified by the operator’s manual and spray an appropriate amount of test liquid. For sprayers without agitation, contaminate the internal part of the tank by shaking or turn off the equipment several times.
Take one representative sample of at least 50 ml, from the sprayer tank to check the concentration of the test liquid. Enter the concentration in Table A.1.
Empty the tank as in normal spraying practice (e.g. normal PTO speed, pressure, nozzle size, nozzle number, flow rate) by using all nozzles (e.g. the whole spray boom). Allow the pump to run for 1 min±5s after the liquid fan from the nozzles has collapsed to ensure that all relevant liquid has been emptied. For shutting off the pump when completely emptying the tank the specification in the instruction handbook apply, if available.
Operate the rinsing system of the sprayer according to the operator’s manual. If no special rinsing instructions from operator ‘s manual are available carry out a rinsing procedure where the rinsing water is used in three portions. Each portion equals to one third of the volume of the clear water tankor 10 % of the nominal volume of the spray tank divided by three. Measure the volume of each portion of rinsing water with a maximum error of±2 % of its nominal volume. After each step of this procedure, spray the rinsing liquid as in normal spraying practice.
If no rinsing system is available, carry out a rinsing procedure where the rinsing water is used in three portions with a clean water volume corresponding to at least 10 % of the nominal tank volume of the sprayer. For this purpose, the rinsing water is to be flled in by the flling opening.
When each rinsing process is coming to the end, ensure that the agitators are switched off before the pump sucks air in and wait till there is not any liquid coming out of the nozzles, so that the drainable volume is minimized.
After the rinsing process, stop the pump drive, operate all relevant valves allowing to discharge the liquid still present in the hydraulic circuit and let the drainable volume out of the tank by using its outlet.ISO 16236 pdf download.

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