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ISO 16170:2016 pdf free

ISO 16170:2016 pdf free.In situ test methods for high efficiency filter systems in industrial facilities
The reference method described in Annex B (integrity test) requires a test aerosol of dispersed oil particles mainly submicrometre in size range, which is stable during the test procedure and compatible with other installation components. Particle concentrations are measured in real time by light scattering instrumentation (optical detectors).
The reference method described in Annex C (efficiency accountancy test) requires a test aerosol of particles having a narrow size range centred on MPPS size range for HEPA filter media. Their concentration both upstream and downstream the filters is measured by fluorimetric analysis of aqueous solution obtained by washing the membrane sampling filters.
The sampling location shall provide the ability to extract a representative sample. For existing plants,where it is not possible, sampling locations should be selected to provide representative samples to the best feasible extent. The injection and sampling locations shall be located in a way to ensure the optimum possible homogeneity of concentrations at sampling locations (ISO 14644-3 and ISO 2889) according to the guidelines defined in the annexes, particularly Annex C and Annex E. The expected homogeneity at the sampling point depends on the expected accuracy of the filter’s decontamination factor.
The design of new injection and sampling ports/probes should, as far as possible, ensure that a suitable cross section of the duct can be accessed to extract representative samples to the best feasible extent and that sampling points are appropriately placed to assist fault identification. Representative sample(s) shall be extracted from location(s) where the contributing airstreams are blended to the greatest prevailing extent. If the sample is extracted from another location (e.g., because of accessibility conditions), then the uncertainties that are induced shall be assessed. The sample probe shall be located at the best available location (see Annex E). Consideration may be given to installing a device or devices to improve mixing. In this case, the sampling probe may contain a single or multiple sampling points. In circumstances where the well-mixed criteria are not achieved, a multi-sampling probe may be used or needed to get a representative sample.ISO 16170 pdf free download.

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