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ISO 16119-4:2014 pdf free

ISO 16119-4:2014 pdf free.Agricultural and forestry machinery一Environmental requirements for sprayers
It shall be possible to clean the internal and external surfaces of the sprayer without unnecessarily contaminating the environment.
Sprayers without a clean water tank shall be equipped with a connecting device to allow their cleaning system to be supplied with clean water without contaminating the water supply.
Internal tank cleaning systems shall reduce the quantity of plant protection products adhered to the spray tank inner surfaces by 70 % when tested in accordance with ISO 22368-3.
It shall be possible to flush the lines, hoses and application unit with clear water when the spray tank is not empty.
One or the other of the following requirements, a) or b), applies:
a) after completion of the cleaning process, the concentration of the residue shall be reduced by a factor of 300 (or 99,67 %), compared with the concentration before starting the cleaning process, tested in accordance with ISO 22368-1;
b) after completion of the cleaning process as described in the instruction handbook, the concentration of the liquid drained from the main spray tank outlet shall have been reduced to 2 % of the original concentration in the tank measured in accordance with ISO 16236.
Cleaning devices for plant protection product containers, when provided, shall be designed so that the volume of residue after cleaning is less than 0,01 % of the nominal container volume. Verification of this requirement shall be by means of the test method given in ISO 21278-1.
Means shall be provided for rinsing the containers with clean water and for transferring and collecting the rinsing water in the spray tank without spillage resulting in environmental contamination.
Verification of the requirements given in Clauses 5 and 6 may be made by means of inspection, calculation, or testing as appropriate. The means of verification is either self-evident or specified for particular requirements in Clauses 5 and 6, as summarized in Table 3.ISO 16119-4 pdf download.

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