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ISO 16119-3:2013 pdf free

ISO 16119-3:2013 pdf free.Agricultural and forestry machinery一Environmental requirements for sprayers
The air flow rate of the fan(s), measured according to ISO 9898, shall not deviate by more than 10 % from the nominal output specified by the sprayer manufacturer.
For air-assisted sprayers intended for symmetrical application, the sprayer shall be designed so that the air flow produced by the fan is symmetrical at the right and left sides with respect to direction, velocity and air volume (according to ISO 9898:2000, 5.2.3). Deviation between left and right shall not be more than 25 % when measured according to ISO 9898:2000, Clause 6, with the sprayer adjusted according to the instructions given in the sprayer manufacturer’s handbook (see Clause 8).
The sprayer shall be designed considering the need to reduce drift as far as practicable, e.g. switching off or decreasing the air assistance to one side, allowing the fitting of injection nozzles.
A water tank (or tanks) shall be provided for rinsing the spraying equipment, except for mounted sprayers of nominal tank volume less than or equal to 400 I. This tank shall not be combined with the clean water tank for the operator’s use (see ISO 4254- 6:2009, 5.10).
It shall have a volume of at least 10 % of the nominal spray tank volume or at least 10 times the volume of residual which can be diluted (see ISO 13440:1996, 2.2). In the latter case, the volume of residual of tank shall be specified in the instruction handbook.
Water tanks shall be designed so that they can be connected with the equipment in such a way that the rinsing of the pipes is possible even when the spray tank is filled to its nominal volume (see also Clause 8). In addition, the dilution of the volume of residual in the tank shall be possible.
Devices for cleaning plant protection product containers, when provided, shall be designed so that the volume of residue after cleaning is less than 0,01 % of the nominal container volume. This requirement shall be checked according to the test method given in ISO 21278-1.
There shall be means to rinse the containers with clean water and to transfer and collect the rinsing water in the spray tank without spillage resulting in environmental contamination.ISO 16119-3 pdf download.

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