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ISO 16119-1:2013 pdf free

ISO 16119-1:2013 pdf free.Agricultural and forestry machinery一Environmental requirements for sprayers
This part of ISO 16119 specifies general requirements for the design and performance of sprayers, as defined in ISO 5681, with regard to minimizing the potential risk of environmental contamination during use, including misuse foreseeable by the manufacturer. It also specifies the requirements for identification of the sprayer and certain of its components, and the minimum content of the instruction handbook.
It is intended to be used with each of the other parts of ISO 16119, which give requirements specific to particular types of sprayers (see Annex A). This part of ISO 16119 is applicable to all types of sprayers used in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and other areas, except knapsack sprayers. It does not cover safety aspects (see ISO 4254-6).
NOTE Knapsack sprayers are covered by ISO 19932, which deals with safety as well as environmental aspects.
This part of ISO 16119 is not applicable to sprayers manufactured before the date of its publication.
The sprayer shall be designed and constructed to allow its complete emptying and easy and thorough cleaning without contaminating the environment.
The sprayer shall be designed and constructed to facilitate the changing of worn parts without contaminating the environment.
In addition to the marking required by ISO 4254-6:2009, 7.2, nozzles (5.2) and filters (5.3) shall be marked. This marking shall be explained in the instruction handbook.
Filters shall be marked such that they can be identified. This identification shall include the mesh size indicated by a sign and a colour code complying with ISO 19732 or by a specific sign on the filter and corresponding information given in the instruction handbook.
The manufacturer/supplier of the sprayer shall supply an instruction handbook with the sprayer. In addition to the instructions and information required by ISO 4254-6:2009, 7.1, the instruction handbook shall, at least, provide the following information:
a) necessary preparations for different conditions of use;
b) conditions of use and appropriate adjustment of the sprayer;
c) procedures for checking the volume application rate;
d) recommended procedure and intervals (e.g. time units, sprayed area or sprayed volume) for checking the sprayer by the user (e.g. pump, transmission, filters, hoses, joints);
e) the criteria and method for the replacement of parts subject to wear that affect the correct functioning of the equipment, e.g. nozzles, filters;
f) the need to ensure that the correct filters, complying with the nozzle manufacturer’s recommendations, are used with replacement nozzles;
g) indication that national or regional laws may require regular inspection of the sprayers in use;ISO 16119-1 pdf download.

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