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ISO 16111:2018 pdf free

ISO 16111:2018 pdf free.Transportable gas storage devices – Hydrogen absorbed in reversible metal hydride
The MH assembly shell, shut-offvalve, PRDs and other components shall be resistant to the environmental conditions specified in 4.4. Resistance to these environmental conditions may be provided by using materials inherently resistant to the environment or by applying resistant coatings to the components.
Exterior protection may be provided by using a surface finish giving adequate corrosion protection (e.g. metal sprayed on aluminium or anodizing) or a protective coating (e.g. organic coating or paint). If an exterior coating is part of the design, the coating shall be evaluated using the applicable test methods specified in Annex B. Any coatings applied to MH assemblies shall be such that the application process does not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the shell or performance and operation of other components. The coatings shall be designed to facilitate subsequent in-service inspection and the manufacturer shall provide guidance on coating treatment during such inspections to ensure the continued integrity of the MH assembly.
The compatibility of MH assembly materials with process fluids and solids, specifically embrittlement due to the exposure to hydrogen, shall be considered. Guidance on compatibility of materials with gases is given in ISO 11114-1 and ISO 11114-2. Materials necessary for the pressure containment and structural integrity of the MH assembly and its internal and external components shall be resistant to hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen attack and reactivity with contained materials and maintain their integrity for the service life of the MH assembly. Recognized test methods, such as those specified in ISO 11114-4, shall be used to select metallic materials resistant to hydrogen embrittlement where required for pressure or structural integrity. Consideration shall be given to the impact that temperature may have on hydrogen embrittlement.
Consideration shall be given to all of the chemical species that may be present during the charged, partially charged and discharged states and their potential reactivity with the MH assembly material.The MH assembly materials shall be selected so as the combination does not endanger the MH assembly integrity.
NOTE The susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement of some commonly used metals is summarized in ISO/TR 15916. Additional guidance regarding hydrogen compatibility is found in Annex A.ISO 16111 pdf download.

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