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ISO 16028:1999 pdf free

ISO 16028:1999 pdf free.Hydraulic fluid power
ISO 16028 specities the iterta.ce dimensions for ntnreaneabily and specifies the performance requirements for hydraulic, fiush-face type, quickation couplings for use at pressures of 20 MPa (200 bar) to , 31,5 MPa (315 bar).
Coupligs in accordance with ISO 16028 are not designed to connect or disconnet under pressure.
NOTE Couplng in accordance with this Intemational Standard provide tor automatic sealing of the fluid pressure on the upstream side and on the downstream side when the coupling is disconnected.
The tllowing normatve documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of ISO 16028. For dated references, subsequent amendments to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below. For undated refterences, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies. Members of ISO and IEC maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 4397, Fluid power systems and components一Connectors and associated components一Nominal outside diameters of tubes and nominal inside diameters of hoses.
ISO 4399, Fluid power systems and components 一Connectors and associated components一Nominal pressures.
ISO 5598, Fluid power systems and components一Vocabulany
ISO 7241-2, Hydrauli fuid power一Quick-action couplings一Part 2: Test methods.
For the puposes of this Iteratinal Standard, the terms and deinitins given in ISO 5598 apply.
Hydraulic, flush-face, quick-action couplings in accordance with this International Standard shall meet or exceed the performance requirements given in Table 2.
The operating pressure shall be verified by pressure impulse testing in accordance with ISO 7241-2 for 100 000 cycles in the coupled and uncoupled conditions.
The rated burst pressure shall be venified by testing in accordance with ISO 7241-2 for one cycle in the coupled and uncoupled conditions.
The pressure drop at rated flow shall be verified by testing in accordance with ISO 7241-2.
The fluid loss per disconnect shall be verified by spillage testing in accordance with ISO 7241-2.
The surge flow capability shall be verified by surge flow testing in accordance with ISO 7241-2.
Provisions for locking the coupling in the coupled condition, to reduce the probability of accidental disconnect, shall be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the user.ISO 16028 pdf download.

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