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ISO 15830-2:2013 pdf free

ISO 15830-2:2013 pdf free.Road vehicles一Design and performance specifications for the WorldSID 50th percentile male side-impact dummy
Expose the neck to the conditions specified in Table 9 for at least four hours prior to a test.
一Attach the top of the neck to the head form.
一Attach the bottom of the neck to the pendulum interface. Ensure that the screws do not protrude into the neck rubber as this may influence the response. If the screws are too long, insert washers under the head of the screw in order to prevent rubber contact. Mount the pendulum interface to the pendulum such that the head form’s midsagittal plane is vertical and is perpendicular to the plane of motion of the pendulum’s longitudinal centreline.
一Slide the carbon fibre rods through the potentiometer housings on the pendulum. First, slide the pivot of the potentiometer closest to the pendulum over the central steel rod in the head form, then install the small spacer ring and the second pivot. Carefully tighten the second pivot.
一Record and filter the data according to ISO 6487 or SAE J211 Channel filter class 1000.
一Release the pendulum and allow it to fall freely from a height such that the velocity at impact is 3,4 m/s±0,1 m/s, measured at the centre of the pendulum-mounted accelerometer.
一Decelerate the pendulum arm using the 28,8 kg/m3 aluminium honeycomb or alternative products which can be shown to lead to the same results, to achieve the pendulum pulse given in Table 10.
一Allow the neck to flex without impact of the head or neck with any object other than the pendulum arm.
一Conduct the test such that the time between raising the pendulum and releasing it does not exceed 5 minutes.
一Conduct the test such that the time between any tests on the same WorldSID neck is not less than 30 minutes.
一Place the dummy on the seat and position it using either mechanical measurements on a dummy component or tilt sensors to verify the positions. The relationship between mechanical angle measurements and the tilt sensors are given in Table 13.ISO 15830-2 pdf download.

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