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ISO 15797:2017 pdf free.Textiles一Industrial washing and finishing procedures for testing of workwear
Condition specimens (and ballast) in accordance with ISO 139 (20 °C, 65 % relative humidity) and prepare the samples in accordance with ISO 3759, if appropriate. Determine the mass of the conditioned specimen. Place the test specimens to be washed in the washer/extractor (5.1) and add sufficient loading ballast (5.4) to make a load according to the size of the machine and the load ratio. Follow specifications of appropriate wash procedure selected from Tables 1,2, 3 or 4.
Use water as specified in 6.6. Add detergent and additives according to selected washing procedure.Reference detergent with optical brightener (6.1.1) may be used except when colour characteristics are being assessed.
Acetic acid can be used in the last rinse process to adjust the pH value of the specimen. If acetic acid is used, it shall be reported together with the pH value of the dried specimen (measured in accordance with ISO 3071). The pH value of the dried test sample [determined in accordance with ISO 3071) shall be in the range ofpH 5,5 to 7,0.
Place specimens, with appropriate hangers, in the pre-heated steam cabinet (5.3). The steam cabinet shall be operated with full content and with at least one piece of ballast at the ends. The finisher shall be set at 155 °C air temperature and at an operating time of a minimum of 3 min. When the readings of the temperature at the inlet are not automatically measured and shown on the control panel display,the ambient air temperature shall be measured with a temperature measuring system in the upper part of the drying chamber. Spray steam shall be applied for between 1 min and one-third of the total finishing time. The load is dry when the load temperature reaches 135 °C to 140 °C. The temperature of the test specimen shall be measured using a temperature measuring system at a distance of 150 mm to 200 mm from the top edge of the hanger, as specified in Annex A.
A continuous tunnel finisher may be used to provide additional information about the attributes of the specimens. Deviations from the operating conditions in 5.3 shall be reported in Clause 10 e) and 10 k).ISO 15797 pdf download.


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