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ISO 15500-2:2016 pdf free

ISO 15500-2:2016 pdf free.Road vehicles一Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components
All fuel-containing brass components or subcomponents, for which a satisfactory declaration of properties is not submitted by the applicant, shall be tested in accordance with the following procedure (component manufacturers able to provide documentation attesting to the field-worthiness of their products are exempted from this requirement).
a) Subject each test sample to the physical stresses normally imposed on, or within, a part as a result of its assembly with other components. Apply these stresses to the sample prior to testing and maintain them throughout the test. Samples with thread, intended to be used for installing the product in the field, shall have the threads engaged and tightened to the torque specified in the instruction manual of the sample or specified by the manufacturer. Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) tape or pipe compounds shall not be used on the threads.
b) Degrease three samples and expose them continuously for 10 d at a set position to a moist ammonia-air mixture, maintained in a glass chamber of approximately 30 l in capacity, with a glass cover. Aqueous ammonia having a specific gravity of 0,94 shall be maintained at the bottom of the glass chamber, below the samples, at a concentration of 21,2 ml/1 of chamber volume. Maintain approximately 600 cm3 of aqueous ammonia, with a relative density (specific gravity) of 0,94, at the bottom of the glass chamber, below the samples. Position the samples 40 mm above the aqueous ammonia solution, supported by an inert tray. Maintain the moist ammonia-air mixture in the chamber at atmospheric pressure and at a temperature of 34 °C±2 °C.
External portions of components shall be able to withstand exposure to the following fluids without mechanical degradation. Resistance shall be determined by the test in 18.2 except when the manufacturer can demonstrate by other means that the material is resistant to these fluids.ISO 15500-2 pdf free.

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