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ISO 15489-1:2016 pdf free

ISO 15489-1:2016 pdf free.In formation and documentation – Records management
Some of a record’s metadata is derived or attributed at the time the record is created or captured and does not change. This is point of capture metadata for records.
Metadata about actions on the record and other events in the record’s existence, including the participating agents, continues to accrue over time as the record is used and managed. This is process metadata for records.
As metadata accumulates over time, it collectively documents, amongst other things, a record’s provenance.
The metadata of a record itself should be managed as a record, in that it should be protected from loss or unauthorized deletion, and retained or destroyed (see 9.9) in accordance with requirements identified in appraisal (see Clause 7). Access to metadata should be controlled using authorized access and permissions rules (see 8.4).
A record’s content and its associated metadata may be managed either in multiple coexistent locations and systems, or in a single location and system. Logical relationships, or linkages, between a record’s content and its associated metadata should be created and maintained using automated or manual processes.
Metadata for records should consist of information recording the following:
a) a description of the content of the record;
b) the structure of the record (e.g. its form, format and the relationships between the components comprising the record);
c) the business context in which the record was created or received and used;
d) relationships with other records and other metadata;
e) identifiers and other information needed to retrieve and present the record, such as format or storage information;
f) the business actions and events involving the record throughout its existence (including date and time of the actions, changes to the metadata and the agents undertaking the actions).
Records that do not possess such metadata lack the characteristics of authoritative records (see 5.2.2).
Additional metadata may be required depending on jurisdictional and industry standards as well as the specific requirements of the business as determined during appraisal (see Clause 7).
Metadata for records should be described and documented in metadata schemas (see 8.2). The development of metadata schemas should be informed by the results of appraisal for the area(s) of business to which they apply (see Clause 7).ISO 15489-1 pdf download.

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