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ISO 15397:2014 pdf free

ISO 15397:2014 pdf free.Graphic technology一Communication of graphic paper properties
The opacity value depends on the principle used for its evaluation. The method described in ISO 2471,used by the paper manufacturing industry, is applicable when it is desired to measure that property of a paper which governs the extent to which one sheet visually obscures printed matter on underlying sheets of similar paper. It is not to be confused with methods based on the reduction in a standard contrast by interposition of the paper, opacity (white backing), formerly known as contrast ratio, nor with the assessment of the amount and condition of light penetrating a sheet (transparency or translucency).
ISO 13655 defines the opacity of a substrate. It is equivalent to contrast ratio. This numerical value of opacity is defined as 100 times the ratio of the luminous reflectance factor of the substrate over a black backing to the luminous reflectance factor over a white backing. This value may be used for comparison purposes only.
In the case of a filter reflectometer, the radiation falling upon the test piece shall have a UV content corresponding to that of the appropriate CIE illuminant, adjusted or verified with the help of a fluorescent reference standard. In the case of an abridged spectrophotometer, the instrument shall have a UV-adjustable filter with a cut-off wavelength of 395 nm or some other system for adjustment and control, and this filter shall be adjusted or the system shall be calibrated with the help of a fluorescence reference standard, so that the UV content of the illumination falling upon the sample corresponds to that of the appropriate CIE iluminant.
To evaluate the influence of storage conditions and communicate the influence of aging, CIELAB values of unprinted paper shall be measured, as described in 5.9, before and after aging, with the same equipment and the same light source.
Conditioning before testing shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 187. Optical properties measurements are determined without conditioning.ISO 15397 pdf free download.

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