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ISO 1496-2:2018 pdf free

ISO 1496-2:2018 pdf free.Series 1 freight containers一Specification and testing
The strength requirements for containers are given in ISO 1496-1 (these requirements are applicable to all thermal containers except where otherwise stated). They apply to containers as complete units,except as described in 8.1.
The strength requirements for corner fttings (see also 7.2) are specified in ISO 1161.
The thermal container shall be capable of withstanding the loads and loadings specified in Clause 8.As the effects of loads encountered under any dynamic operating condition should only approach, but not exceed, the effects of the corresponding test loads, it is implicit that the capabilities of thermal containers as indicated in ISO 1496-1 and demonstrated by the tests described in Clause 8 shall not be exceeded in any mode of operation.
Any closure in a container which, if unsecured, can lead to a hazardous situation shall be provided with an adequate securing system having external indication of the positive securement of that closure in the appropriate operation position. In particular, doors should be capable of being securely fastened in the open or closed position.
The walls, doors, floors and roof of the thermal container shall be insulated in such a manner as to balance, as far as is practicable, the heat transfer through each of them, although the roof insulation may be increased to compensate for solar radiation.
All containers shall be equipped with top and bottom corner fittings. The requirements and positioning of the corner fittings shall be in accordance with ISO 1161. The upper faces of the top corner fittings shall protrude above the top of the container by a minimum of 6 mm (see 7.3.4). The “top of the container”means the highest level of the cover of the container.
However, if reinforced zones or doubler plates are provided to afford protection to the roof in the vicinity of the top corner fittings, such plates and their securements shall not protrude above the upper faces of the top corner fittings. These plates shall not extend more than 750 mm from either end of the container but may extend the full width.ISO 1496-2 pdf download.

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