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ISO 14955-5:2020 pdf free

ISO 14955-5:2020 pdf free.Machine tools – Environmental evaluation of machine tools
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 14955-1, ISO 14955-2 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
一ISO Online browsing platform: available at https://www.iso.org/obp
一IEC Electropedia: available at ht://ww.electroedia.org/
numerically controlled boring and routing machine  NC boring and routing machine
integrated fed machine designed for the machining of workpieces by the use of milling and/or boring tools having at least two orthogonal axes programmable by the user (e.g. X, Y) for positioning and/or machining, where the axes operate in accordance with a NC work programme [SOURCE: ISO 19085 -3:2017, 3.1, modified – Note 1 to entry and the examples have been deleted.]
machine, designed for cutting panels, fitted with one travelling saw carriage per cutting line incorporating one or more circular saw blades [SOURCE: ISO 19085-2:2017, 3.1, modified一Note 1 to entry has been deleted.]
machine designed for cutting panels where the workpiece is supported in a near vertical plane during cutting and where the saw unit is mounted in front of the workpiece support [SOURCE: IS0 19085-4:2018, 3.1, modified 一Note 1 to entry has been deleted.]
machine designed for banding in one pass the edge band on one end of the workpiece (single end edge banding machine) or on both ends of the workpiece (double end edge banding machine), consisting of an edge banding zone with various units (e. g. heating, bonding, and pressing for flexible or solid edges) and of a zone for additional operations such as snipping, trimming, milling, sanding, polishing, chamfering etc, in addition the edge banding zone, can be preceded by a sizing/ profiling zone [SOURCE: ISO 18217:2015, 3.1, modified一Note 1 to entry and Figure 1 have been deleted.]
machine for four-sided longitudinal processing with four or more working units with spindles, which can be equipped with planing and/or moulding tools, at least one unit on each side of the workpiece, and with integrated feed of the workpiece.ISO 14955-5 pdf download.

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