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ISO 14732:2013 pdf free

ISO 14732:2013 pdf free.Welding personnel一Qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanized and automatic welding of metallic materials
For arc welding processes when using methods c or d), the testing and acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with the relevant part of ISO 9606 for butt or fillet welds or ISO 15614-8 for tube to tube-plate welds, unless otherwise specified by an application standard.
For arc welding processes using methods a), c) and d) and for method b) which refers to ISO 15614, the qualification test for overlay welding based on ISO 15614-7 shall require visual testing, surface (magnetic particle/liquid penetrant) testing and bend testing only when a qualified WPS is used by the welding operator.
For other welding processes when using methods c) or d), the qualification of the weld setter and welding operator shall be in accordance with the relevant standard. Where the relevant standard does not specify testing and acceptance requirements, then as a minimum the test piece shall be visually tested and at least one macro-section shall be taken or, for butt welds, volumetric testing shall be carried out. The acceptance criteria shall be specified as for the relevant international welding procedure specification.
Any method of qualification may be supplemented by a test of knowledge related to welding technology.
Such a test is not mandatory. Annex B includes a recommendation for such a test.
Any method of qualification shall be supplemented by a test of the functional knowledge appropriate to the welding unit, see Annex A.
The essential variables and the range of qualification are specified in the appropriate subclauses of 4.2 and the period of validity in Clause 5.
The welding operator or weld setter qualification begins from the date of welding of the test piece(S),provided that the required testing has been carried out and the test results obtained were acceptable.
Each certificate needs to be confirmed every six months, otherwise it becomes invalid.
The validity of a certificate may be extended as specified in 5.3. The method chosen for the extension of qualification, 5.3 a), b) or c), shall be stated on the certificate at the time of issue.ISO 14732 pdf download.

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