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ISO 14590:2016 pdf free

ISO 14590:2016 pdf free.Cold-reduced steel sheet of high tensile strength and low yield point with improved formability
Surface condition of sheet for unexposed parts may contain pores, some slight pitting, small marks,light scratches, and a light discoloration. The surface of sheet for exposed parts shall be reasonably free of these conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, only one side is inspected.
Cold-reduced steel sheet is normally produced in a matte finish, dull in appearance, which is suitable for ordinary decorative painting but is not recommended for electroplating.
When cold-reduced steel sheet is deformed during fabrication, localized areas may roughen to some degree and such affected portions of the part may require hand finishing to prepare the surface for the intended application.
As a deterrent to rusting, a coating of oil is usually applied to cold-reduced steel sheet. The oil is not intended as a drawing or forming lubricant and should be easily removable with degreasing chemicals.On request, the manufacturer shall advise the purchaser which type of oil has been used. Cold-reduced steel sheet may be ordered not oiled, if required; in which case, the supplier has limited responsibility if oxidation occurs.
Processing for shipment in coils does not afford the manufacturer the opportunity to observe readily or to remove non-conforming portions as can be carried out on the cut length product. However,this does not relieve the manufacturer of the responsibility to provide a product that meets the requirements for surface condition that is normally obtained in a cold rolled product.
Although not usually required for products covered by this International Standard, when the purchaser specifies that inspection and tests for acceptance shall be observed prior to shipment from the manufacturer’s works, the manufacturer shall afford the purchaser’s inspector all reasonable facilities to determine that the steel is being furnished in accordance with this International Standard.
Steel that is reported to be non-conforming after arrival at the user’s works shall be set aside,properly and correctly identified and adequately protected. The manufacturer shall be notified in order that the reported non-conforming material may be properly investigated.ISO 14590 pdf free.

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