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ISO 14577-1:2015 pdf free

ISO 14577-1:2015 pdf free.Metallic materials – Instrumented indentation test for hardness and materials parameters
It is important that the test results are not affected by the presence of an interface, free surface or by any plastic deformation introduced by a previous indentation in a series. The effect of any of these depends on the indenter geometry and the materials properties of the test piece. Indentations shall be at least three times their indentation diameter away from interfaces or free surfaces and the minimum distance between indentations shall be at least five times the largest indentation diameter.
The indentation diameter is the in- plane diameter at the surface ofthe test piece of the circular impression of an indent created by a spherical indenter. For non-circular impressions, the indentation diameter is the diameter of the smallest circle capable of enclosing the indentation. Occasional cracking can occur at the corners of the indentation. When this occurs, the indentation diameter should enclose the crack.
The minimum distances specified are best applicable to ceramic materials and metals such as iron and its alloys. For other materials, it is recommended that separations of at least 10 indentation diameters be used.
If in doubt, it is recommended that the values from the first indentation are compared with those from subsequent indentations in a series. If there is a significant difference, the indentations might be too close and the distance should be increased. A factor of two increases in separation is suggested.
It can be desirable to measure thin coatings in cross-section (e.g. to avoid problems due to surface roughness). In this case, there might not be enough coating thickness to meet the minimum spacing requirements as specified above. Smaller spacing can be used if there is experimental evidence that this does not significantly influence the force/indentation depth/time data sets with respect to correctly spaced indentations on similar test pieces with thicker coatings.ISO 14577-1 pdf free download.

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