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ISO 14298:2013 pdf free

ISO 14298:2013 pdf free.Graphic technology一Management of security printing processes
coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to security (3.28)
Note 1 to entry: “Direct and control” in general entails the establishment of the policy, objectives, planning, control, security assurance and improvements with regards to security (3.28). Security assurance represents all planned and systematic actions needed to give a sufficient degree of confidence that a product or process (3.12) meets the security requirements.
documented information that specifies the procedures and resources to satisfy the security requirements of the organization aspect of security management (3.33) aimed at the fulfilment of the security requirements action to prevent the cause of a nonconformity (3.19) ability to trace the history, application or location of that which is under consideration
Note 1 to entry: When considering product, traceability can relate to the origin of materials and parts, the processing history and the distribution and location of the product after delivery. (ISO 9000:2005, 3.5.4, modified)
personnel, information, premises, process equipment (software and hardware) and tools set of interconnected processes (3.12) and resources (3.38) that starts with the sourcing of raw materials and ends with the delivery of products and services to the customer
Note 1 to entry: Supply chains include producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, vendors, and logistics providers. They include facilities, plants, offices, warehouses, and branches and can be both internal and external to an organization.
Note 2 to entry: Supply chain management as related to this International Standard includes the vetting of suppliers and customers from the point of initial security value, which is the point at which security is added to the product.
The organization shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a security printing management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14298 including the processes needed as outlined in normative Annex A and their interactions.
It is recognized that customer requirements may exceed the requirements of ISO 14298 so the security printing management system also addresses customer requirements that are beyond the scope of this International Standard.ISO 14298 pdf download.

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