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ISO 13934-2:2014 pdf free

ISO 13934-2:2014 pdf free.Textiles一Tensile properties of fabrics一Determination of maximum force using the grab method
The clamping device of the machine shall be positioned with the central point of the two jaws in the line of applied force, the front edges shall be at right angles to the line of applied force and their clamping faces shall be in the same plane.
The jaws shall be capable of holding the test specimen without allowing it to slip and designed so that they do not cut or otherwise weaken the test specimen.
The faces of the jaws shall be smooth and flat, except that when, even with packing, the test specimen cannot be held satisfactorily with flat-faced jaws, engraved or corrugated jaws can be used to prevent slippage. Other auiliary materials for use with either smooth or corrugated jaws to improve specimen gripping include paper, leather, plastics, or rubber.
From each laboratory sample, two sets of test specimens shall be cut, one set in the warp direction and the other in the weft direction (or in the machine and cross-machine directions, where applicable).Each set shall consist of at least five test specimens, except that ifa higher degree of precision is required,more test specimens shall be tested. In accordance with Clause 5 and Annex B, no test specimens shall be cut from within 150 mm of either edge of the laboratory sample. No test specimen taken from the warp direction shall contain the same longitudinal threads, and no test specimen taken from the weft direction shall contain the same picks.
When the maximum force of the wet fabric is required in addition to the maximum force when dry, test specimens of the appropriate width and at least twice as long as the test specimens required for a dry test shall be cut (see Annex B). Each end of each strip shall be numbered, and then each test specimen shall be cut crosswise into two parts, one for determining the dry maximum force and the other for determining the wet maximum force. This ensures that each pair of test specimens contains the same longitudinal yarns. For fabrics where it is suspected or known from previous experience that excessive shrinkage will occur when wet, the length of test specimens for the determination of wet maximum force shall be greater than that of test specimens for dry maximum force tests.ISO 13934-2 pdf free.

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