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ISO 13702:2015 pdf free

ISO 13702:2015 pdf free.Petroleum and natural gas industries一Control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations
The layout of an installation can have a major effect on the consequences of fires and explosions and on the arrangements required for EER. Consequently, for a new installation or the modification of an existing installation, the impact of layout options on the FES shall be fully evaluated as a basis for the selection of the design which, as far as reasonable, minimizes the risks of fire and explosion.
In developing the layout of the installation, consideration shall be given to maximizing, as far as reasonable, the separation by distance of the temporary refuge (TR), accommodation and evacuation,escape and rescue (EER) facilities from areas containing equipment handling hydrocarbons.
Either separation by distance or the use of barriers (floors and walls) can prevent the escalation of fire or explosion to another area. The provision of such barriers influences ventilation, access/escape routes,ESD/EDP system design, explosion resistance, and firewater demands. The interdependency of safety systems shall be considered during the design of the installation. Any penetration of a barrier provided to prevent escalation of a fire or explosion shall not jeopardize the integrity of the barrier.
Critical safety systems (such as control stations, temporary refuge, muster areas, fire water pumps, and local control panels) shall be located where they are least likely to be affected by fires and explosions in order to maintain their integrity and availability of the safety functions. In some situations, such systems should be designed to withstand fire and explosions and be protected from the ingress of smoke, at least until people on board have been safely evacuated or the situation has been brought under control.
The blowout preventer (BOP) diverter assemblies shall be able to perform their functions under emergency conditions. This shall include the ability to initiate and operate this equipment during these conditions. Considerations shall also be given to location and operation of well kill equipment in order to allow it to be used under emergency conditions.
The installation layout can result in equipment being at risk from impact of dropped objects or collisions.The need to protect critical items of process equipment, especially where failure can result in a major loss of inventory, shall be considered to determine whether impact protection is required.ISO 13702 pdf download.

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