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ISO 13643-5:2013 pdf free

ISO 13643-5:2013 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Manoeuvring of ships
In addition to the general test conditions outlined in IsO 13643-1, the following specific test conditions shall be complied with.
一During the test, including the approach phase, each successive position of the ship shall be recorded at suitable time intervals (usually every second).
一The submarine shall be trimmed according to the results of the neutral level flight test (see Clause 8)
一Dived depth and water depth shall be sufficient (a clearance of at least one boat’s length to the surface and to the bottom shall be maintained). For model tests, surface and bottom effects shall be excluded by the use of suitable measures.
The bow plane angle shall remain unaltered.
There shall be no relocation of mass (e.g. due to movements of the crew) during the conduct of any test. Unavoidable shifts of mass are to be compensated and recorded.
A series of tests for different initial speeds must be conducted since damping and time constants of the motion of the submarine are speed dependent, and a boat that proves to be stable at low speeds may become unstable at higher speeds.
For safety reasons, the series of tests shall be commenced with a low initial speed, Vo.
The submarine shall approach on a steady speed, Vo, before commencing the test. During the test, the propulsion plant settings must remain unaltered and the heading kept as constant as possible.
Because of the stern plane impetus, the submarine turns about its transverse axis and, in doing so, changes its trim and dived depth in the direction in which the planes were acting. Submarines with high damping approach a different dived depth without oscillation about the transverse axis. If the damping is less, the submarine starts to oscillate about the transverse axis. As long as the oscillation is damped, the submarine is stable and approaches a different constant dived depth. On the other hand, if the trim amplitude, θA, increases, the submarine is dynamically unstable. The mean dived depth may alter also.
If the submarine demonstrates pronounced instability, the test is to be stopped immediately for safety reasons.ISO 13643-5 pdf download.

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