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ISO 13400-3:2016 pdf free

ISO 13400-3:2016 pdf free.Road vehicles一Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol
Ethernet is a collection of several standards for different transmission technologies and speeds contained in IEEE 802.3 and is a frame-based networking technology for wired local area networks.Frames are defined as the format of data packets on the wire. The Internet Protocol (IPv4) theoretically allows for a maximum IP packet length of 64 Kbytes. This size is limited by the Ethernet specification,which defines a 16-bit-length field and requires a minimum packet length of 64 bytes, as well as allowing for a maximum payload length of 1 500 bytes. Consequently, IP packets can have a maximum length of only 1 500 bytes on Ethernet. However, IP allows for fragmentation of IP packets over multiple Ethernet frames to work around this limitation. The rules for fragmentation of IP packets differ between IPv6 and IPv4 and are not specified in this document.
The Ethernet connection of a vehicle works with four transmission lines in accordance with IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX, as well as using an additional activation line. The Ethernet controller in the DoIP Edge Node can be switched on and off via the activation line when the test equipment is connected to, or disconnected from, the vehicle.
There are two types of Ethernet patch cables available:
一one-to-one (1:1) connection, which is usually used to connect an end-node (e.g. a computer) with a network hub or switch. In this case, the pins of each RJ45 connector of the patch cable or the cable to the vehicle connector are directly connected to each other (e.g. Rx+ on the source port is connected to Rx+ on the destination port).
一cross-linked connection, which is usually used to connect two end nodes directly with each other (e.g. computer to computer). In this case, the Tx pins on the source port of the patch cable are connected to the Rx pins on the destination port and vice versa.
Depending on the Auto-MDI(X) capabilities of the Ethernet implementation, it is possible that cross-linked connections or 1:1 connections can be used interchangeably. This depends on the Auto-MDI(X) capabilities of the PHY. The Auto-MDI(X) feature was developed to allow for plug and play use of both types of patch cable.ISO 13400-3 pdf free.

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