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ISO 13322-1:2014 pdf free

ISO 13322-1:2014 pdf free.Particle size analysis一Image analysis methods
A pre-requisite for accurate particle size measurement using this method requires a full understanding of the settings and calibration applied within the image capture device as well as a consideration of the purpose for conducting the measurement.
The final settings and calibration of the image capture device need to be established via an iterative approach. The size range of the particles within an unknown test sample has an influence upon the settings required within the image capturing device. These remain unknown until the first image has been taken, the result observed and the necessary adjustments to the image capture device to achieve the desired accuracy of particle size measurement required. A fully trained operator shall conduct the assessment.
The imaging instrument should be set up and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations considering the conditions prevailing.
In order to achieve accurate particle size measurements it is preferred that the ilumination be uniform over the total field of view and of a type designed to create images of high contrast. The magnification should be such as to provide a minimum number of pixels for the smallest particle consistent with the accuracy demanded and set to achieve a sharp focus. The number of pixels for the smallest dimension of a particle is relevant for cases where linear dimensions or combinations thereof are measured.
Distortion in the image might arise from a number of causes, but its presence and effect on the image may be determined by selecting known sized particles or other reference objects of similar optical properties at a number of points and orientations in the field of view. It is important to note that the measurements made provide only two-dimensional, X and Y, information.
The operator should decide why the result of the image analysis is required. Is a size distribution by the number of particles in each size class required or is the volume of particles in each size class the requirement? What accuracy and precision is required for the final result? These decisions will have a significant influence upon the choice of settings and the method employed in conducting the measurement.ISO 13322-1 pdf download.

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