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ISO 13299:2016 pdf free

ISO 13299:2016 pdf free.Sensory analysis – Methodology – General guidance for establishing a sensory profile
For the preparation and presentation of product samples, ISO 6658 shall apply. Special care shall be taken to ensure that assessors cannot draw conclusions about the nature of samples from the way they are presented. For example, coloured testing glasses or coloured lights shall be used to mask differences in appearance, if needed.
The preparation and distribution of samples at uniform temperature shall be standardized. Samples shall be coded with three-digit random numbers and the order of presentation shall be defined using an appropriate design.
To increase the reliability and validity of results, any sample or sample group shall be presented two or three times or more, if possible on different days. The choice of the number of replications shall be guided by the precision required, by the observed dispersion of results, and by any specific trend towards improved discrimination as the assessors become familiar with the samples. Replication provides an estimation of the experimental error. Repeating the assessment of a product from the same batch shows the dispersion of scores given by one assessor, whereas repeating the assessment of a product from different batches also reflects variations within the product. The protocol shall define which sample(s) is/are duplicated and under which conditions they are prepared and assessed.
The identity of the samples shall not be disclosed until the assessors have completed all the assessments.
It shall be ascertained that the assessors are fully familiar with any particular characteristic to be studied and with the mechanics of the test as specified in ISO 6658. If necessary, a preliminary general discussion concerning the test problem and the nature of the samples shall be arranged. A few samples typical of the product category shall be presented and discussed. The panel leader shall make sure that the discussion does not bias future assessments.ISO 13299 pdf download.

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