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ISO 13007-2:2013 pdf free

ISO 13007-2:2013 pdf free.Ceramic tiles一Grouts and adhesives一Test methods for adhesives
The mandatory concrete test substrate shall be (40±5) mm thick, have a moisture content of less than 3 % by mass, and have a surface water absorption in the range of 0,5 cm3 to 1,5 cm3 after 4 h of testing.
The cohesive strength as referenced in A.3.3 shall be at least 1,5 N/mm2. A method for manufacturing a suitable concrete test slab and the procedures for measuring the cohesive strength and surface water absorption is given in informative Annex A.
Other substrates may be used upon agreement if the substrate is recommended for ceramic tile application by the adhesive manufacturer. To demonstrate compatibility with other optional substrates,the adhesive shall be applied to the selected substrate in accordance with the open time test method (see 4.1). When a result of 2 0,5 N/mm2 is achieved or cohesive failure occurs in the substrate, the requirement is considered satisfied.
Failure occurs at the interface between the adhesive and the substrate (AF-S) [see Figure 3, a] or between the tile and the adhesive (AF-T) [see Figure 3 b]. The test value is equal to the adhesive strength. In some cases, failure may occur in the adhesive layer between the tile and the pull-head plate (BF) [see Figure 3,c]. In this case, the adhesive strength is greater than the test value and the test should be repeated.
Apply a thin layer of the adhesive, mixed in accordance with 3.4.1, to the concrete slab using a straight edge trowel. Then, apply a thicker layer and comb using a notched trowel having 6 mm × 6 mm notches at 12 mm centres. The trowel shall be held at an angle of approximately 60° to the substrate at a right angle to one edge of the slab and shall be drawn across the slab parallel to that edge (in a straight line).
After 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or longer, place at least 10 test tiles 50 mm apart on the adhesive within 30 s. Tiles are placed on no more than four ribs for all adhesives. Load each tile with (20±0,05) N for 30 s. After storing for 27 d under standard conditions, bond the pull-head plates to the tiles with a suitable high-strength adhesive (e.g. epoxy adhesive).ISO 13007-2 pdf download.

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