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ISO 129-1:2018 pdf free

ISO 129-1:2018 pdf free.Technical product documentation (TPD) – Presentation of dimensions and tolerances
Only the dimensions necessary to unambiguously define the nominal geometry (nominal model) shall be presented. Each dimension shall be presented only once by using a dimension line, a dimension value preceded, and if necessary, by a property indicator. When there is a need to repeat the presentation of a dimension, auxiliary dimensions may be used.
Dimensional values indicated in decimal notation, shall use a comma as the decimal marker.
Unless otherwise specified, dimensions shall be indicated for the finished state of the dimensioned feature.
The text of all dimensions, graphical symbols and annotations shall be indicated above the dimension line and read from the bottom. When the text of a dimension, symbol or annotation is presented vertically, it shall read from the right. The determination of orientation is based on the centre of the dimension, symbol or annotation.
Dimensions alone are not sufficient to define the requirements of a product. Dimensions shall be used with other specification techniques as applicable, e.g. general tolerances, geometrical tolerancing or surface texture requirements.
When the design of a part has one or more symmetries, it is possible to represent a portion of the part which can allow reconstructing the complete part by symmetry (see 7.9). In this case, the dimensions,shown only on the portion and the dimension line between two symmetrical features, are indicated from the feature shown on the portion with a termination and cross perpendicularly the axis of symmetry without termination (see Figures 65 and 66).
Characters on drawings shall be in accordance with the ISO 3098 series.
There shall be only one character height for dimension and tolerance presentation for a specific drawing.
A space shall separate the elements of the dimension indicator (see Figures A.3 and A.4).
The dimension value and the lower deviation shall be at the same distance from the dimension line (see Examples 1 and 2).
When upper and lower tolerance limits are presented in two separate lines (e.g. limit deviations,dimension limit values), the decimal marker of the upper and lower shall be aligned. When a tolerance limit is not shown with a decimal marker, the remaining digits shall be aligned as if the decimal marker had been displayed (see Examples 1 and 2).ISO 129-1 pdf download.

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