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ISO 12647-1:2013 pdf free

ISO 12647-1:2013 pdf free.Graphic technology一Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints
Data files should be delivered as PDF/X data files as defined in ISO 15930 or TIFF/IT data files as defined in ISO 12639. Where TIFF/IT data files are used colour information shall be included using tag 34675 or tag 34029.
NOTE 1 PDF/X requires that the intended printing condition be indicated. Where the intended printing condition is included in the registry of characterizations maintained by the ICC, and the digital data are CMYK,the name used in the ICC registry may be used for identification in lieu of including an ICC output profile. If the intended printing condition is not included in said registry, PDF/X requires that an ICC output profile be included.
If the data are other than CMYK, the data are required to be defined colorimetric using an ICC input profile or another mechanism and an ICC CMYK output profile is required to be included; the rendering intent to be used when converting each of these elements with the output profile is required to be communicated.
NOTE 2 In cases where the data delivered is not PDF/X additional information may be necessary to define the intended printing condition clearly. In such cases a PDF/X document or an agreed equivalent is created and agreed between the printer and print buyer.
In many cases print substrates contain optical brightening agents (OBA). In order to minimize the systematic errors introduced by the interaction of substrate fluorescence and variations in the spectral power distribution of the measurement device and the sample ilumination, the measurement condition for measuring the unprinted print substrate and the potential impact of the associated solid coloration shall be specified.
If useful, a maximum limit of the OBA concentration should be specified by using delta D65 Brightness according to ISO 15397.
NOTE The colour values of the colorant description are among others subject to the amount of optical brighteners in the print substrate. Hence two print substrates with identical colour values (to be measured with ISO 13655-M2) but different OBA amounts result in different colour values of the colorant description when measured with ISO 13655-M0/M1.ISO 12647-1 pdf download.

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