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ISO 12482:2014 pdf free

ISO 12482:2014 pdf free.Cranes一Monitoring for crane design working period
The special assessment goes into more detail and deals with critical components ofthe structure/hoisting mechanisms of the crane. The special assessment shall contain both
一a theoretical part, where the remaining DWP of each critical component of the crane is analysed based on the recorded, actual duty, and
一a practical part, where the crane is subjected to a major inspection in accordance with IS0 9927-1.
Once it has reached the end of its design life, the crane may only be used after a general overhaul, based on a special assessment, has been carried out.
It should be recognized that the different components of the crane approach the design limits at different intervals, depending on the type of use and the configuration of the crane. These differences should be considered in the special asssment by selecting only the most critical components regarding the fatigue behaviour.
The theoretical analysis of the component’s remaining DWP does not have to rely on the methods of the original design standard, but state-of-the-art methods may be applied instead. The revised analysis should take into consideration the actual, measured work cycles and their true effect on fatigue of the components. Information on use should be provided by the crane owner/user.
The special assessment shall be carried out by an expert engineer (see IS0 9927-1).
A special assessment shall be made to survey the condition of the crane, when the assessment of DWP indicates that the crane duty will reach one of the design limits prior to the next periodic inspection, or one or more of the following indicates it should be done earlier:
一any increase in the frequency of reported failures;
一significant increase of the loads;
一when a periodic inspection reveals a significant deterioration in the condition of the crane, e.g.failed or damaged elements, increase in vibration or displacement characteristics, corrosion;
一a significant modification of the crane configuration that changes the initial selection of critical components.
The first special assessment shall be performed no later than the specified operational lifetime of the crane or hoist as given by the manufacturer. For subsequent special assessments see 6.5.
In cases where the owner takes into operation a second-hand crane for which there is no information on earlier operation, the special assessment shall be made prior to taking the crane into use.ISO 12482 pdf download.

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