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ISO 12217-3:2013 pdf free

ISO 12217-3:2013 pdf free.Small craft一Stability and buoyancy assessment and categorization
empty craft condition plus standard equipment (3.4.10) plus removable ballast (whether solid or liquid) when supplied and/or intended by the manufacturer to be carried when the boat is afloat, with elements positioned as follows:
a) where provision is made for propulsion by outboard engine(s) of more than 3 kW, the heaviest engine(s) recommended for the boat by the manufacturer, mounted in the working position(s);
b) where batteries are ftted, they are mounted in the position intended by the builder, and if there is no specific stowage provided for batteries, the mass of one battery for each engine over 7 kW is allowed for, and located within 1,0 m of the engine location;
c) all upwind sails supplied or recommended by the builder as standard, onboard and rigged ready for use, but not hoisted, e.g. mainsail on boom, roller furling sails furled, hanked foresails on stay stowed on foredeck
NOTE 1 For the minimum mass of outboard engines and batteries, refer to Tables C.1 and C.2.
NOTE 2 The mass in the light craft condition is denoted by mc and is expressed in kilograms.
greatest load which the boat is designed to carry in addition to the light craft condition, comprising: the crew limit at 75 kg each (adult) or 37,5 kg (child);
一the personal effects of the crew;
一stores and cargo (if any), dry provisions, consumable liquids;
一contents of all permanently installed storage tanks flld to 95 % of their maximum capacity, including fuel, drinking water, black water, grey water, lubricating and hydraulic oil, bait tanks and/or live wells plus ballast water at 100 % capacity;
一consumable liquids in portable tanks (drinking water, fuel) flled to 95 % of the maximum capacity;
一dinghy or other small craft intended to be carried aboard, and any outboard motor associated with them;
一liferaft(s) if carried in excess of the minimum required in essential safety equipment;
一non-edible stores and equipment normally carried on the boat and not included in the manufacturer’s list of standard equipment, e.g. loose internal equipment and tools, spare parts, additional anchors or sails, dinghy and outboard if carried aboard;
一an allowance for the maximum mass of optional equipment and fttings not included in the manufacturer’s basic outfit
NOTE 1 Liferafts are not included in essential safety equipment for Categories C and D.ISO 12217-3 pdf download.

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