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ISO 1170:2013 pdf free

ISO 1170:2013 pdf free.Coal and coke – Calculation of analyses to different bases
In International Standards covering the analysis of coal, it is generally specified that the determination shall be carried out on an air-dried test sample. However, in making use of these analyses, it is sometimes necessary to express or report the results on some other basis. The bases in common use are “air-dried”,”as-received”, “dry”,“dry, ash-free ” and “dry, mineral-matter-free”.
Any analytical value (except net calorific value) on a particular basis may be converted to any other basis by multiplying it by the appropriate factor calculated from the formulae given in Table 1, after insertion of the requisite numerical values for the symbols (for determination of moisture, see ISO 589 and ISO 11722; for ash, see ISO 1171). However, in some determinations, there is a direct involvement of the mineral matter and, in these cases, it is essential to apply a correction to the air-dried result prior to its calculation to the dry, mineral-matter-free basis. This correction is dependent on the nature, as well as the quantity, of the mineral matter present and, for any given sample, the formula recommended by the national standards organization of the country of origin of the sample should be used and should be quoted in full, together with the analysis. All the determinations that may be expressed on the dry,mineral-matter-free basis are considered individually below.
If it is necessary to calculate an analytical result expressed on the dry, mineral-matter-free basis back to any other basis, then it is essential that any correction deducted during the application of any Formulae (1) to (10) inclusive be added back to the dry, mineral-matter-free value before applying the appropriate formula from Table 1.
The calculation of the net calorific value is dealt with in detail in ISO 1928, which, however, does not include calculation to a dry, mineral-matter-free basis as this basis is not of importance for net calorific values.
NOTE Net calorific values cannot be converted to any other basis by direct multiplying with the appropriate formulas in Table 1 as net calorific values includes a correction for the heat of vaporization related to the actual moisture content.ISO 1170 pdf download.

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