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ISO 10983:2014 pdf free

ISO 10983:2014 pdf free.Timber一Finger joints一Minimum production requirements and testing methods
The application of end pressure shall be adequate to bring the mated joint surfaces into contact and extrude excess adhesive, while maintaining proper tip gaps and joint alignment. End pressure shall be maintained until the joint has cured adequately to enable the jointed timber to be moved without weakening the joint. Curing of the adhesive shall be completed before further processing, unless it has been demonstrated that the finger joints will have sufficient and reliable strength to allow immediate processing.
The manufacturer shall establish and document requirements for lumber, adhesive, and processing with corresponding quality control procedures.
Each step in the production process, including lumber grading, finger joint machining and fit, adhesive application, joint assembly and handling, adhesive curing, and final finishing shall be assessed for each production batch. Finger joint strength shall be established through initial qualification testing and verified for each production batch through ongoing compliance testing.
All necessary facilities, equipment, and personnel shall be available to carry out the necessary inspections and tests. The manufacturer shall control, calibrate, and maintain inspection, measuring, and test equipment, to demonstrate the conformity of the finger joints to the requirements of ISO 10983. Equipment shall be used in a manner which ensures that measurement tolerances are known and are consistent with the required measurement capability.
The responsibility, authority, and interrelation of all personnel who manage, perform, and verify work affecting quality shall be defined. Persons responsible to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of non-conformity of finger joints and to identify and record any quality problems with finger joints shall be clearly identified.
At every production facility, the manufacturer shall appoint a person or persons who shall have appropriate authority, knowledge, and experience of the production of finger joints to be responsible for conducting and supervising factory production and quality control procedures and ensuring that the requirements given in this International Standard are implemented and maintained.
The quality control system adopted to satisfy the requirements of this International Standard shall be reviewed at appropriate intervals by the manufacturer’s management to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.
Records of such reviews shall be maintained.ISO 10983 pdf download.

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