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ISO 10361:2015 pdf free

ISO 10361:2015 pdf free.Textile floor coverings一Production of changes in appearance by means of Vettermann drum and hexapod tumbler tester
Fit the specimens into the drum (5.1.1), with the use surface towards the centre of the drum and the edges under the retaining segments. Ensure that the ends of the specimens lie near the centre of the retaining segments and clamp firmly.
If required, non-foam backed textile floor coverings may be tested over an underlay by mounting the underlay in the drum (5.1.1) prior to fitting the specimens into the drum as described above.
Test results apply only to the combination of carpet and specific underlay. These are not valid for combinations with other underlays. For identification of the underlay used, it is recommended to give the following details: material, mass per unit area, and thickness.
Check that the ball (5.1.2), together with its studs, is clean and free from any contamination. If necessary,wipe it with ethanol using a clean tissue and place the ball in the drum. Preset the revolution counter for the long run test (simulation of long-term use in a heavy-wear situation), or for the short run test (simulation of early changes in appearance in less severe wear situations). Then, switch on the machine to start the test (number of revolutions as defined in the specification standard).
The following points should be noted:
一if not described, no underlay is used for the testing;
一the Vetterman drum test always starts against the direction of the pile lay in every test;
一the vacuum cleaner is in use, but is not in direct contact with the use surface.
After the long run test, clean the specimens with the vacuum cleaner (5.1.3), making four forward and backward passes along the length and ensuring that the whole area is covered and that the final pass is in the direction of pile lay.
Allow the specimens to condition flat, singly, and pile uppermost for at least 24 h before assessing in accordance with the applicable assessment standard.ISO 10361 pdf download.

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