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ISO 10300-3:2014 pdf free

ISO 10300-3:2014 pdf free.Calculation of load capacity of bevel gears – Calculation of tooth root strength
This part of ISO 10300 specifies the fundamental formulae for use in the tooth root stress calculation of straight and helical (skew), Zerol and spiral bevel gears including hypoid gears, with a minimum rim thickness under the root of 3,5 mmn. All load influences on tooth root stress are included, insofar as they are the result of load transmitted by the gearing and able to be evaluated quantitatively.
The formulae in this part of ISO 10300 are based on virtual cylindrical gears and restricted to bevel gears whose virtual cylindrical gears have transverse contact ratios of Eva < 2. The results are valid within the range of the applied factors as specified in ISO 10300-1 (see also ISO 6336-31[4]). Additionally, the given relationships are valid for bevel gears, of which the sum of profile shift coefficients of pinion and wheel is zero (see ISO 23509).
This part of ISO 10300 does not apply to stress levels above those permitted for 103 cycles, as stresses in that range could exceed the elastic limit of the gear tooth.
There are two main methods for determining tooth bending strength of bevel and hypoid gears: method B1 and method B2. They are provided in Clauses 6 and 7 while Clause 8 contains those influence factors which are equal for both methods. With method B1, the same set of formulae may be used for bevel and hypoid gears; method B2 partly has different sets of formulae for bevel gears and for hypoid gears (see 7.4.3 for general aspects).
With both methods, the capability of a gear tooth to resist tooth root stresses shall be determined by the comparison of the following stress values:
一tooth root stress oF based on the geometry of the tooth, the accuracy of its manufacture, the rigidity of the gear blanks, bearings and housing, and the operating torque, expressed by the tooth root stress formula (see 6.1 and 7.1);
一permissible tooth root stress σFP, based on the bending stress number, OF,lim, of a standard test gear and the effect of the operating conditions under which the gears operate, expressed by the permissible tooth root stress formula (see 6.2 and 7.2).ISO 10300-3 pdf download.

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