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ISO 10144:2018 pdf free

ISO 10144:2018 pdf free.Steels for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete一Certification scheme for steel bars and wires
Three different diameters, representing the smallest, largest and an intermediate diameter of the intended scope of approval, shall be tested for each grade and manufacturing process. The test specimens for each selected diameter shall come from at least 30 different bundles/coils, with one sample selected from each bundle/coil. The samples shall be distributed equally between the chosen casts and shall be taken to determine each mechanical and geometrical property specified in the product standard. The chemical composition shall be determined on one specimen from at least three different casts for each selected diameter. The test samples shall be taken at random from the material presented for testing by a representative from the inspection body. Care should be taken to ensure that the test specimens taken are representative of the material.
The results (individual values, average values, standard deviations} of the tests shall be collated in a test report. Based on the values determined for the standard deviations (related to each cast), it shall be judged whether simplified values, a, for internal inspection (see may be used. It is recommended that a long-term statistical evaluation be conducted on the results available, to aid in offering guidance to the applicant company, but this should not form part of the overall assessment for approval.
Once the inspection of the production conditions has been satisfactorily concluded, and the test results have been evaluated positively by the certification body, a works identification and an approval to produce for a specific period are granted to the manufacturer. During this period the long-term quality level shall be verified. The certification body will undertake surveillance audits as detailed in Clause 6.
To verify the long-term quality level, the manufacturer shall perform a sufficient number of tests for a sufficiently long period (between six months and one year), in order to properly evaluate the long-term quality level. If necessary, due to an insufficient number of test results or a failure to satisfy the requirements of the long-term quality level, the manufacturer shall double the extent of testing specified in for the internal inspection. During this period surveillance shall be conducted more intensively than specified in 6.3.ISO 10144 pdf free download.

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