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ISO 10005:2018 pdf free

ISO 10005:2018 pdf free.Quality management一Guidelines for quality plans
The organization requesting an external provider quality plan should apply risk-based thinking to the nature of the specific case, the evaluation and selection of external provider(s) and opportunities for benefits. There can be benefits to both the organization and potential external providers in using risk-based thinking.
Consideration of risks related to the specific case can increase the options for requesting quality plans from external providers, for example:
a) specifying intended results rather than the methods and resources to be applied to the specific case (such as in performance-based contracts) can allow external providers to introduce innovation in methods, practices and resources;
b) specifying minimum requirements for controls and documented information allows an external provider to apply their own processes and experience;
c) defining quality plan requirements for the specific case rather than requiring conformity with a management system standard, such as ISO 9001, can enable participation by a broader range of potential external providers with different levels of maturity of their management systems.
Examples of specifications of requirements for external provider quality plans relevant to particular sectors can often be found in industry codes of practice, requests for offers of products and services or other publicly available sources. However, care should be taken to ensure that such examples are appropriately adapted to the specific case.
Requirements for external provider quality plans can be included in specifications for other management plans such as service management plans, project management plans, construction management plans or production and installation plans.
A quality plan can ensure that an organization has a common understanding with an external provider about how its requirements will be met. The organization should decide what level of monitoring is required to assess external provider performance, such as ongoing monitoring, acceptance checks, assessment and auditing.
The monitoring approach can be decided based on various factors, such as:
a) the nature and scope of the specific case;
b) risks associated with the specific case;
c) the capability of the external provider;ISO 10005 pdf download.

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