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ISO 10003:2018 pdf free

ISO 10003:2018 pdf free.Quality management一Customer satisfaction
The organization should plan, design and develop an effective and efficient dispute-resolution process. This includes the creation of necessary procedures for the dispute-resolution process. The organization should understand the expectations and perceptions of customers and other relevant interested parties related to dispute resolution. When establishing and using a dispute resolution process, the organization should consider and address risks and opportunities that can arise. This involves:
一monitoring and evaluating processes and external and internal issues concerning risks and opportunities;
一identifying and assessing specific risks and opportunities;
一planning, designing, developing, implementing and reviewing corrective actions and improvements pertaining to identified and assessed risks and opportunities.
As defined in ISO 9000:2015, 3.7.9, risk is the effect of uncertainty, which can be negative or positive. In the context of dispute resolution, an example of a negative effect is customer dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of information provided regarding the dispute-resolution process, and an example of a positive effect is that the organization reconsiders the resources associated with dispute resolution as a result of a review of the dispute-resolution process. These risks can be addressed by reviewing the allocation and deployment of resources leading to the improved customer awareness of the dispute resolution process or additional training of personnel to manage an expanded scope of the disputes referred to the dispute-resolution process.
An opportunity is related to identification of a new possible way of realizing positive outcomes, which does not necessarily arise from the organization’s existing risks. For example, the organization can identify a new product, service or process as a result of a customer suggestion provided in the course of dispute resolution.
The organization should determine the objectives to be achieved by dispute resolution. These objectives should be consistent with the dispute-resolution policy (see 5.3), and their fulfilment should be measurable using suitable performance indicators. These objectives should be reviewed at regular intervals and updated as necessary.ISO 10003 pdf download.

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