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EN ISO 306:2014 pdf free

EN ISO 306:2014 pdf free.Plastics – Thermoplastic materials – Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST)
At least two test specimens shall be used to test each sample. The test specimens shall be between 3 mm and 6,5 mm thick and at least 10 mm square or of 10 mm diameter. Their surfaces shall be flat and parallel and free from flash. They shall be made in accordance with the specifications, if any, for the material under test. In the absence of such specifications, any suitable procedure may be used for the preparation of test specimens as agreed upon by the interested parties.
If the samples submitted for test are in the form of moulding materials (for example powder or granulated materials), these shall be moulded into specimens 3 mm to 6,5 mm thick, in accordance with the specifications relating to the material under test, or in accordance with ISO 293, ISO 294-1, ISO 294-2, ISO 294-3 or ISO 20753 if no material specification exists. If these are not applicable, other procedures may be used as agreed between the interested parties.
For sheet materials, the thickness of the test specimens shall be equal to the thickness of the sheet, except as follows.
a) If the thickness exceeds 6,5 mm, the test specimens shall be reduced in thickness to 3 mm to 6,5 mm by machining one surface (specified in ISO 2818), the other surface being left intact. The test surface shall be the intact one.
b) If the thickness of the sheet is less than 3 mm, not more than three pieces shall be stacked together in direct contact to give a total thickness of between 3 mm and 6,5 mm, and the thickness of the upper (measured) piece shall be at least 1,5 mm. Stacking of pieces of lesser thickness does not always give the same test result.
The test results obtained can depend on the moulding conditions used in the preparation of the test specimens, although such a dependence is not common. When testing materials for which the results do depend on the moulding conditions, special annealing or preconditioning procedures may be used before testing, provided they are agreed to by the interested parties.EN ISO 306 pdf download.

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