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BS ISO 9897-1:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 9897-1:2014 pdf free.Freight containers一Container equipment data exchange
In ISO 9897, codes are assigned to pieces of information, called “data elements”, which are commonly used in transactions relating to freight containers. These data elements are named and defined, and each element is assigned a CEDEX alphabetical or alphanumeric code. Separate code lists for each type of information (damage, component, repair, location, etc.) are maintained. A code may be reused in several different code lists, but a code is never used for more than one data element within a single code list.
The data element may be phrased about material of construction of a container. For example, CEDEX code “LS” in material type code list (Annex E) stands for “wood, soft laminated plank”. A code may define the component of the container that is damaged, its location, or its operating defect, depending on which data element is being defined. A selection is made from the appropriate code list to indicate which component, location, or defect, respectively, is chosen. Other coded data elements indicate essential physical characteristics of the container and information pertinent to the use and management of the container, such as names and addresses of owners.
It can be seen from these examples that the text of a message can be substantially reduced in length by using the CEDEX codes instead of plain language. Use of the CEDEX codes results in messages much reduced in length, transmission time and communication cost, yet conveying information as complete as a much longer plain-language message.
Through proper programming of a computer, a CEDEX- encoded message can be printed out in plain language for the benefit of the communicators, if so desired, or it can be left in its encoded form. The personnel using the code routinely will develop the skill of being able to read messages in coded form; in fact, experience using the code has borne out this assertion. Also, many operators will not require use of all CEDEX codes assigned in ISO 9897, but only a portion of them due to the limited variety of containers and chassis in their domain.
Specific information about manufacturer, type and model of a container or chassis and its equipment is contained in the message, see 4.2.2.BS ISO 9897-1 pdf download.

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