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BS ISO 9788:2017 pdf free

BS ISO 9788:2017 pdf free.Air cargo一Double stud tie-down fittings一Design and testing requirements
Continuous quality control is essential in obtaining safe and dependable tie-down fittings:seemingly minor or random changes in materials or fabrication processes have been known to significantly affect final product dependability and performance.
Design, testing and production of tie-down fittings complying with this document should be performed within the framework of design and manufacturing quality assurance systems as specified for airworthiness by the general civil aviation requirements.
Whenever the manufacturer operates under such a authority recognized quality assurance system, the test sampling rates specified in 8.1.4 may vary, but shall provide at least the same level of confidence.
For fitting initial type testing, at least 12 specimens randomly selected from a batch produced according to the intended series production locations and methods shall constitute one sample, and be tested in accordance with Clause 5 with at least three tests in each of the four specified directions. See 5.2.4 for required retesting in the event of a failure to meet the specified minimum breaking strength.
For continuous production control, samples shall consist of a set of four specimens randomly selected from the current production batch, and be tested, prior to delivery, in accordance with Clause 5 in each of the four specified directions. The recommended minimum number of such samples to be tested is given in Table 1.
The air carrier (operator) shall establish and distribute to all concerned personnel, including sub-contractors and shippers where they are allowed to build up ULDs for loading aboard aircraft, cargo tie-down Operating Instructions including instructions for proper use of tie-down fttings.
The air carrier (operator) shall establish and implement an operational quality assurance programme for cargo operations meeting the applicable civil aviation requirements for safety management. Non-airline subcontractors such as airport handling agencies facilities performing cargo tie-down on board aircraft should maintain their own quality control program meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, or an equivalent pertinent industry standard.BS ISO 9788 pdf download.

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