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BS ISO 976:2013 pdf free.Rubber and plastics一Polymer dispersions and rubber latices一Determination of pH
The precision of this method was determined in accordance with ISO/TR 9272. Make reference to this Technical Report for terminology and explanations of statistical concepts.
The precision details in this precision statement provide an estimate of the precision of this test method with the materials used in the particular interlaboratory programme (ITP) as described below. The precision parameters should not be used for acceptance/rejection testing of any group of materials without documentation that the parameters are applicable to those particular materials and the specific test protocol of this test method.
The precision results are given in Table A.1. The precision is expressed on the basis of a 95 % confidence level for the values established for repeatability, r, and reproducibility, R.
The results in Table A.1 are mean values and give an estimate of the precision of this test method as determined in the ITP conducted in 2011. Sixteen laboratories performed duplicate analyses on two samples, A and B, which were prepared from highly ammoniated latex. The bulk latex was strained and then homogenized by thorough blending and stirring prior to being subsampled into 1-1 bottles labelled A and B. Thus, essentially, samples A and B were the same and were treated as such in the statistical computations. Each participating laboratory was required to carry out the test using these two samples on the dates which had been given to the participants in the ITP.
A type 1 precision was determined, based on the sampling method used for the latex samples in the ITP.
The repeatability, r (in measurement units) of the test method has been established as the appropriate value tabulated in Table A.1. Two single test results, obtained in the same laboratory under normal test method procedures that differ by more than the tabulated, r (for any given level) should be considered to have come from different, or non-identical, sample populations.BS ISO 976 pdf download.

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