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BS ISO 9628:2019 pdf free

BS ISO 9628:2019 pdf free.Rolling bearings – Insert bearings and eccentric locking collars – Geometrical product specifications [GPS] and tolerance values
The bearings on one shaft are, as a rule, mounted in two or more separate housings, which are not always perfectly aligned. The outer ring has a spherical outside surface so that the bearing can be mounted in a housing with a matching spherical seating to accommodate permanent angular misalignment.
The bore surface of the bearing inner ring and the eccentric locking collar may be plated or treated with a surface treatment to reduce corrosion during operation.
For bearings with eccentric locking collar, the size of the eccentric feature on the inner ring and the locking collar is generally common for one metric and several inch inner ring bore sizes. The non-preferred inch bore sizes, which are given in parentheses in Tables 2 to 8, should be avoided whenever possible.
Contrary to general rolling bearing practice, the inner ring bore diameter tolerance is on the plus side of the nominal bore diameter, in order that the bearing and collar can be slipped over standard size shafting.
For bearings with a spherical outside surface, the width of the outer ring is not important, provided the range of width is known so that assembly slots in the housing can be properly dimensioned. This document therefore gives outer ring widths which range from a minimum that conforms to either dimension series 2 or dimension series 3 of ISO 15, to a maximum that provides sufficient space for various seals and relubrication holes.
Depending on the application, these bearings are supplied with or without means for relubrication, for example, one or more small radial holes drilled through the outer ring. The exact design and location of such means are not specified in this document. However, the width and location of a zone are given, in which any relubrication means, provided on one or both sides of the outer ring, should intersect such that the lubricant satisfactorily feeds into the bearing from the housing bore groove covering the zone.BS ISO 9628 pdf free download.

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