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BS ISO 9022-11:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 9022-11:2015 pdf free.Optics and photonics一Environmental test methods
Inoculate each of 10 Petri dishes containing an appropriate agar medium (e.g. malt agar) with spore suspension and immediately incubate the dishes, to check the viability of each fungus species, in the incubation chamber to be used for exposing the specimens. In the event that fungicide-treated specimens are under test in the incubation chamber, expose the Petri dishes to exactly the same climatic conditions in a separate incubation chamber. The absence of growth of any of the various fungus species, at the end of one week, will invalidate the results of all simultaneously performed tests using these spores. Such invalidated tests shall be repeated using freshly prepared mixed spore suspensions from new cultures.
After having taken the inoculum from the spore suspensions for the purpose described in 3.2.2, blend equal portions of the 10 spore suspensions to obtain the final mixed spore suspension.
The spore suspensions from the individual cultures as well as the mixed spore suspension shall be used on the day of their preparation. On no account shall they be stored for later use.
Along with the specimens place at least three control strips in the exposure chamber in order to ensure that optimal climatic conditions are present in the incubation or climatic chamber during exposure of the contaminated specimens. The control strips are of no use if the specimens have been previously treated with fungicides; since these become active predominantly during the volatile phase, a fungicidal atmosphere would develop within the test chamber and hamper the fungal growth on the control strips. In such cases, only the separately incubated individual fungal cultures can be used as control.
The control strips shall be of white sterilized filter paper and shall be of the same size as the specimen (see 3.4). Dip the control strips into the nutrient solution specified in Table 3 and hang them to dry in a sterile atmosphere. Freshly prepare the nutrient solution immediately before impregnating the control strips. Use the control strips on the day of their preparation.
Using hydrochloric acid (HCI) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution, adjust the pH of the solution to 5,3.BS ISO 9022-11 pdf download.

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