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BS ISO 8559-3:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 8559-3:2018 pdf free.Size designation of clothes一Methodology for the creation of body measurement tables and intervals
The selection of the explanatory variables shall be carried out through various statistical studies, with the successive addition of dimensions to the statistical model. This allows the best combination of the dimensions for the explanatory variables and the dependent variable to be obtained.
It is important to take into consideration the following questions while selecting the explanatory and dependent variables in order to design and develop clothing that fits as many target consumers as possible.
a) What are the standard deviations of the dimensions selected as the dependent variable in relation with the dimension(s) selected as the explanatory variables?
b) What should be the relation between the standard deviations mentioned in a) and the tolerance of clothing fitting?
The selection of explanatory variable is usually from the few most important dimensions, such as height, chest girth, waist girth, hip girth.
And then multiple regressions lead to calculate a residual standard deviation, which provides information not explained by the combination of explanatory variable on the prediction of dependent variable. Lower is the residual standard deviation; more satisfactory is the combination of the main dimensions regarding the prediction of the related dependent variable. The residual standard deviation is comparable with the clothing fitting tolerances. The point is that the residual standard deviation leads to calculate a difference allowing for a measured value data, i.e. 95 % of concerned people at this value are placed in this difference, to be compared with the tolerances.
The dependent variable refers to the selected variable input data in the measurement tables that can be used with the explanatory variable. They are mainly based on a dimension characterizing a body measurement (as defined in ISO 8559-1).
The concept of the residual standard deviation, as mentioned in this sub-clause, is suitable for the dependent variable.BS ISO 8559-3 pdf download.

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