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BS ISO 8528-8:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 8528-8:2016 pdf free.Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets
For generating sets with uncontrolled generators, load limitation is provided by means of the speed and voltage reduction which occurs with increasing load.
This mode of operation shall be checked at ambient conditions in accordance with Clause 5, and at rated power and rated power factor in accordance with 7.1; the generating set shall be loaded with active or apparent power to above its rated power until maximum power occurs or until the voltage drops to 0,8 rated voltage.
A temperature rise test is then performed at the determined working point for a maximum of 30 min or until the protective device provides trips. During this test, the temperature rise of the generator windings shall not exceed the limits laid down in IEC 60034-1:2010, 8.10.1 by more than 20 K (i.e. for S2 a total of 30 K).
In the case of generating sets with controlled generators, the voltage also remains within set limits with increasing load. The power supplied by the generator increases in proportion to the load. The power of the generating set is generally limited by the reciprocating internal combustion engine.
It is necessary to protect a.c. generator against thermal overloading if underspeed occurs. Where a shutdown function is used for this purpose, the switch back may not occur automatically.
This mode of operation shall be checked by loading the generating set above its rated power up to the maximum available power before voltage collapse. This is then followed by a temperature rise test and assessment in accordance with 6.4.2.
If the maximum power is limited by a protective device the maximum power shall to be maintained for a period of at least 5 min. In all cases, the overload conditions shall meet the requirements of 6.4.
Short circuits on any of the electrical outputs of the generating set shall not cause mechanical or electrical damage that could impair safety. This also applies to electrical charging rectifiers, even in the event of reversal of polarity when connected to a charged battery.BS ISO 8528-8 pdf download.

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