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BS ISO 8157:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 8157:2015 pdf free.Fertilizers and soil conditioners一Vocabulary
substance or element other than primary, secondary, or micronutrient that can be demonstrated by scientific research to be beneficial or may be essential to one or more species of plants, when applied exogenously
fertilizer without organic material other than those defined as additives
Note 1 to entry: Calcium cyanamide, urea and its condensation products and chelated and complex micro-nutrients are, by convention, recognized as inorganic fertilizers.
material containing carbon or one or more elements other than hydrogen and oxygen, mainly of plant and/or animal origin added either directly to the plant or to the soil, specifically, for the nutrition of plants and that may improve soil structure
material of biological origin in which the declarable nitrogen content is organically combined with carbon and which may contain other elements, but which do not have declarable phosphorus or potassium contents
nitrogenous fertilizer in which the nitrogen is combined with carbon by organic synthesis
product in which declared nutrients are of both organic and inorganic origin obtained by mixing and/or chemical combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers
fertilizer, of which, by hydrolysis and/or by biodegradation and/or by limited solubility, the nutrients available to plants is spread over a period of time, when compared to a “reference soluble” product, e.g.ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and urea
fertilizer in which nutrient release is controlled, meeting the stated release rate of nutrient and the stated release time at a specified temperature
Note 1 to entry: Typical examples are coated fertilizers, such as, polymer coated fertilizer, PSCU.fertilizer, the granules of which are covered with a thin layer of a different material (polymer, sulphur,and/or other material) in order to improve the behavior and/or modify the characteristics of the fertilizer
fertilizer product that has been amended with an additive that reduces the rate of transformation of (a) fertilizer compound(s), extending the time of nutrient availability to the plant by a variety of mechanisms relative to its un-amended form
Note 1 to entry: Usually refer to nitrogen-stabilized fertilizer.
substance, usually synthetic, which delays or stops the activity of specific groups of micro-organisms or enzymes
substance that inhibits hydrolytic action on urea by the urease enzyme
Note 1 to entry: Primarily targeted to reduce ammonia volatilization.
substance that inhibits the biological oxidation of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen, thus, slowing the formation of nitrate nitrogen.BS ISO 8157 pdf free.

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