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BS ISO 789-9:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 789-9:2018 pdf free.Agricultural tractors – Test procedures
In the case of a third party performing the assessment, the tractor manufacturer and the third party shall work together to select a tractor to be submitted for testing. The tractor submitted for the test shall require a serial number, shall comply with the anufacturer’s product specification, and shall be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer shall provide a
representative to be present throughout the entire testing of the tractor.
The tractor shall be new and run-in prior to the test in accordance with the manufacturer’s usual instructions. If a third party is responsible for the testing, the third party itself may run-in the tractor provided an authority of the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s representative, who will remain responsible for the running-in, is obtained.The test report shall state the place and duration of running in.
The adjustment of the carburettor or injection pump as well as the setting of the governor shall conform to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer may make adjustments in conformity with these specifications prior to testing, but djustments shall not be made during the test.
Once the test has started, the tractor shall never be operated in a way that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s published instructions in the form of an operating handbook unless specifically required by test criteria and then only by arrangement with the manufacturer.
For all tests, accessories such as the hydraulic lift pump or air compressor may only be disconnected if it is allowed in the operator’s manual and is practicable for the operator to do so as normal practice in work. The accessories shall be disconnected without using tools and in accordance with the operator’s manual. If not, they shall remain connected and operate at minimum load.
If the tractor is equipped with devices that create variable parasitic power losses, such as a variable speed cooling fan, intermittent hydraulic or electrical demands, etc, the device shall not be disconnected or altered for test purposes. If it is practical for the operator to disconnect the device as outlined by the operator’s manual, it may be disconnected for test purposes, in which case this shall be recorded in the test report.
Power variations during tests caused by these devices exceeding ±5 % shall be recorded in the test report in terms of percent variation from the mean.BS ISO 789-9 pdf download.

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