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BS ISO 7867-2:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 7867-2:2018 pdf free.Metric series for agricultural, forestry machines and construction tyres
In cyclic service with a front end loader at speeds up to 10 km/h, a load up to 140 % of the basic tyre loads is permitted with an inflation pressure increase of 80 kPa. Cyclic service is defined as an intermittent load transport over a maximum distance of 1 km with minimum torque. In unloaded mode, the tyre load shall not exceed the basic load capacity.
For applications at service speeds other than that indicated by the tyre service description, the load/speed relationship is given in Table 6.
The tyre manufacturer concerned shall be consulted for the actual pressure to be used when applying the load/speed relationship given in Table 6.
When tyres marked with speed symbol A6 or A8 equip vehicles subject to haulage cyclic high load variations excluding transport application on long distances (i.e. vehicles used on round trips from field to farm) where, on one way, the vehicle is empty and, on the other way, the gross vehicle mass exceeds
two times the mass of the empty vehicle, inclusive of the driver, if any, the reference load capacities,obtained by applying load variations shown in Table 7 may be increased by 20 % in case of free rolling wheels, or by 43 % in case of drive wheels, respectively.
Reference inflation pressures shall be increased at least by 20 %, but the tyre manufacturer shall be consulted for the actual pressure to be used in practice.
When fitted on free rolling steering wheels of self- propelled agricultural equipment, tyre load capacities are 80 % of the loads for free-rolling applications. Inflation pressure should be increased in accordance with tyre manufacturers’ recommendations.
The following reference inflation pressures are recommended for basic tyre loads of different ranges of agriculture tyres (metric series).
一Tractor drive wheel and steering wheel tyres: 100 kPa, 120 kPa, 160 kPa, 200 kPa, 240 kPa, 280 kPa,320 kPa, 360 kPa, 400 kPa, 440 kPa, 480 kPa, 520 kPa.
一Implement tyres: 80 kPa, 120 kPa, 160 kPa, 200 kPa, 240 kPa, 280 kPa, 320 kPa, 360 kPa, 400 kPa, 450 kPa, 500 kPa, 550 kPa, 600 kPa.
NOTE These reference inflation pressures are for the basic tyre loads. Operating pressures can be different depending on the actual load on the tyre, the operating speed and the service conditions.BS ISO 7867-2 pdf download.

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