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BS ISO 7240-29:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 7240-29:2014 pdf free.Fire detection and alarm systems – Video fire detectors
The temperature and humidity shall be substantially constant for each environmental test where the standard atmospheric conditions are applied.
Mount the specimen by its normal means of attachment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If these instructions describe more than one method of mounting, then choose the method considered to be most unfavorable for each test.
If a test method requires a specimen to be operational, then connect the specimen to suitable supply and monitoring equipment having the characteristics required by the manufacturer’s data. Allow the specimen to stabilize prior to commencing the test.
Unless otherwise specified in the test method, the supply parameters applied to the specimen shall be set within the manufacturer’s specified range(s) and shall remain substantially constant throughout the tests. The value chosen for each parameter shall normally be the nominal value, or the mean of the specified range.
If a test procedure requires a specimen to be monitored to detect any alarm or fault signals, then connections shall be made to any necessary ancillary devices (e.g. through wiring to an end-of-line device for conventional detectors) to allow a fault signal to be recognized.
The details of the supply and monitoring equipment and the alarm criteria used shall be given in the test report (see Clause 6).
Tests shall be conducted with the VFD at the default sensitivity unless otherwise specified. The tests shall be conducted without any masking of the image or field of view.
Unless otherwise stated, the tolerances for the environmental test parameters shall be as given in the basic reference standards for the test (e.g. the relevant part of IEC 60068).
The specimens submitted shall be deemed representative of the manufacturer’s normal production with regard to their construction and calibration. This implies that the mean response threshold value of the specimens found in the reproducibility test (5.4), should also represent the production mean, and that the limits specified in the reproducibility test should also be applicable to the manufacturer’s production.
Mount the specimen in accordance with 5.1.2 in the fire test room in the designated area (see Annex A) in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Connect each specimen to its supply and monitoring equipment, as specified in 5.1.3, and allow it to stabilize in its quiescent condition before the start of each test.
Detectors which dynamically modify their sensitivity in response to varying ambient conditions may require special reset procedures and/or stabilization times. In such cases, the manufacturer shall provide data to ensure that the state of the detectors at the start of each test is representative of the normal quiescent state.BS ISO 7240-29 pdf download.

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