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BS ISO 7240-1:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 7240-1:2014 pdf free.Fire detection and alarm systems – General and definitions
audible signal complying with ISO 7731 or visual signal or a combination of audible and visual signals that call attention to the possibility of a hazardous or dangerous situation
indicator capable of giving information by the display of messages consisting of text and/or numeric characters
detector which gives an output signal representing the value of the sensed phenomenon
Note 1 to entry: This may be a true analogue signal or a digitally encoded equivalent of the sensed value.
equipment which supports fire detection and fire alarm functions not currently defined in ISO 7240
Note 1 to entry: See Figure 1, item N.
action performed by equipment not related to fire detection or fire alarm system
Note 1 to entry: See Figure 1, item 0.
smoke detector, in which air and aerosols are drawn through a sampling device and carried to one or more smoke-sensing elements by an integral aspirator (e.g. fan or pump)
Note 1 to entry: Each smoke sensing element may contain more than one sensor exposed to the same smoke sample.
process that verifies the installed equipment or system meets the defined requirements
ability of a component of a FDAS to operate with another component of the same FDAS
person who, in relation to the work undertaken, has the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience to complete the work satisfactorily and without danger or injury to any person
device contained in one housing performing at least one or part of a function of a FDAS
EXAMPLE Fire detectors, alarm devices, and control and indicating equipment are components of a FDAS.
Note 1 to entry: Where a function is distributed in separate cabinets, each cabinet is considered as a separate component.
arrangement of components of a FDAS specified by number, type, and topology, together with any necessary limits on the transmission paths
detector which initiates an alarm when the difference (normally small) in the magnitudes of the measured phenomenon at two or more places exceeds a certain value for a specified time
drawings and instructions necessary to understand and to operate the FDAS
unwanted connection between earth potential and any part of the control and indicating equipment (see Figure 1, items B and M), transmission paths to the control and indicating equipment, or transmission paths between parts of the control and indicating equipment.BS ISO 7240-1 pdf download.

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